Welcome to Our New Home!

We are now located at: The friendliest bar in Second Life! Where the drinks are always on the house and everyone is welcome! Live DJ’s , great music and fun conversation. Our friends come from all …

Source: Welcome to Our New Home!




This is the new group gift available at mainstore to celebrate the New Year that’s coming. I want thank you all for your support and for a great 2015 and I hope we all have a Happy 2016 with all the best!

Big huggies! ♥



Group 50L to join

❥ Taxi: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arcania/149/72/27

Arcania Mall Open

Arcania Mall2

Come visit in world : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arcania/153/173/26

  • 90 prims
  • 150 L$ a Week

Some perks being a shop renter here @ Arcania Empire

  • Post Notices in group about your new products
  • VIP Accesses to use the sim’s club to throw parties or events
  • Your Store will be blogged about here! Main or not ( if you want of course)
  • Invites to Sim hunts and events

Want to Rent & Rez?

  1. Pay the hippoRental Box
  2. Wait for a Invite
  3. Rez in your store

If you are already a Arcania Empire Supporter group member and you want to rent and rez.

  1. Leave the Group ( Arcania Empire)
  2. Pay the hippoRental Box
  3. Wait for a Re-Invite
  4. Rez in your store

With the Help from SmartBot we can now invite people to Arcania Empire with rezing powers!